Client Success Story

Salina Regional Health Center


Salina Regional Health Center is a community-owned, 393-bed hospital serving north-central Kansas that commits to excellence every day. With the goal of providing quality care to every patient, SRHC shifted their focus specifically to increasing their CMS rating, growing revenue, and improving safety of care.

Cadence Clinical Services’ Solutions

SRHC engaged Cadence Clinical Services after working on their own for several years to make improvements across their continuum of care. When their CMS rating decreased, they decided to take a more focused approach with the support from an external entity. In response, Cadence identified specific areas to improve and developed a tailored model for SRHC.


Though some of the changes are still in progress, Cadence Clinical Services has already standardized and implemented new programs, provided leadership support, and expedited changes in the last few months that normally would have taken years.

Cadence Clinical Services helped Salina Regional Health Center accomplish their goal of raising their CMS Rating from two stars to three stars.

In addition, SRHC went from having almost no multi-disciplinary rounding to implementing multi-disciplinary rounding in four inpatient units. SRHC is already seeing decreased length of stay, decreased excess days, and accurate representation of patient illnesses.

Client Quote
“Both of our consultants have been available whenever we need them. No matter the question, they are quick to respond with the resources we need. They found what would work best for our hospital and tailored the program to our needs.”

Serenity Johnson, Quality Improvement Manager, Salina Regional Health Center

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