Cadence Clinical Services

Coordinated care for better patient outcomes

What We Do

Clinical care management and patient outreach navigation

Cadence Clinical Services partners with providers to operationalize and implement shared services to drive revenue generating opportunities and improve quality of care.

Chronic care

Cadence’s experienced registered nurses, under the supervision of participating providers, use telephonic outreach to coordinate care outside of office visits for Medicare B eligible patients with chronic conditions.

Care and utilization

Cadence supports remote inpatient care management and utilization management needs through our remote staffing model.


Telephonic outreach by Cadence’s non-clinician customer service experts educates about preventative service opportunities and provides assistance to ensure timely delivery and patient engagement.

Behavioral health

Cadence’s team of professionals have operational and administrative expertise in the management of behavioral health services.

Physician services

Cadence’s telehealth providers and hybrid models of service delivery support your patient care needs for inpatient and outpatient services across hospitalists and subspecialities.

Patient outreach

Cadence conducts telephonic outreach to promote patient engagement within our clients’ hospitals through obtaining a primary care provider, scheduling provider appointments, and obtaining preventive care.

Clinical advisement

Clinical care management and advisement, patient safety, regulatory, patient outreach and navigation.

Why Cadence Clinical Services

Increasing patient connectivity with hospitals and health systems

We readily understand the challenges healthcare providers can face when engaging patients in self-management activities. Our services provide timely and transparent communication among care managers and providers. We also work to increase patient connectivity with health systems, primary care and specialty providers to ensure the promotion of health literacy and advocacy with a goal to improve overall quality of care and health outcomes.

Additionally, Cadence Clinical Services provides ongoing patient engagement and support, designated patient care teams and care coordination as an extension of the provider and delivers provider satisfaction and support and increases in practice revenue.

What Our Partners Say

We deliver results and value


Our experts share best practices and insights cultivated over four decades of working with hospitals and health systems.

Shelley Riser, MSHA, BSN, RN

Chief Clinical Officer

Shelley has dedicated her 25+ year career to helping healthcare organizations ensure strategic alignment and operational excellence across leadership, population health, behavioral health, reporting and operations. She has held executive leadership roles and led cross-functional teams, ensuring alignment of people, processes, and systems, while fostering workplaces of accountability, diversity, and transparency. Shelley has also been instrumental in the creation and delivery of new service lines and programs. She empowers the organizations she partners with to improve their patient, provider, and staff engagement, while increasing their community impact for long-term growth and success, cultivating a culture of learning and continual professional development.